Cherry Trees

Photo with trees under special light conditions

It was a wonderful evening at one early summer day when the light comes with a lot of special effects to these two cherry trees.

Poppy field

Shuttergraphy Karsten Leineke Nature poppy field in the morning

Let’s move from black and white to colorful landscape shots. Enjoy the color contrast and the expansion of the texture over the full frame. This shot of a poppy field was done during an early morning picknick with my lovely Sonja. Thank you so much for the wonderful time.

Utility Grid

Shuttergraphy Karsten Leineke Objects Utility Grid

Last shot in the trilogy of black and whites. I love the fact that our utility grid is increasingly being flooded with renewable energy. Fifty percent in the last year. A decade ago totally unthinkable.

Early morning hours in a poppy field

Shuttergraphy Karsten Leineke Nature poppy field shooting in the morning

A few days before I saw this amazing poppy field in front of the forest far away. After a short search in the early morning before sunrise, the field, which was still in the fog, was quickly found. Enough time to evaluate the best position for the gear. See you soon on or Instagram to enjoy the results of the shooting.